Impact Tech Ltd

We develop cutting-edge technology to create innovative Business Intelligence solutions like Impact CRM, Impact Telecom and Impact AI that enable your business to extract the maximum value from its data and equip it to compete at the sharp end of industry. With our solutions, your customers experience a personalised journey. You will engage with them on an ongoing basis and collect feedback in real time that grows more meaningful as more data is analysed. Higher response rates and actionable insight combine to give you the context for more profitable customer relationships.

As your platform becomes more ‘intelligent’ you’ll increase conversions, minimise risk and reach new markets. From the moment we collaborate with you, we’re invested in the success of your business. We measure ourselves on how well we equip our partners to perform more successfully. Our goal is to provide every tool, service and support mechanism in easy-to-use solutions to help your business grow. Big Data in combination with Artificial Intelligence is driving the development of Business Intelligence. We’ve set ourselves the goal of becoming a global leader in the Business Intelligence sector. Let us show you how our solutions can make a difference to your business.