Autochartist Cyprus

Autochartist is a financial market content and analytics company that leverages big data and proprietary technology to help Stock, Futures and Currency brokers acquire, engage and retain their customers.

Autochartist was founded in 2004 and has partnered with many leading Stock, Forex, Futures and CFD brokerage firms across the globe. More than a decade later we service millions of traders in over 100 countries worldwide through our vast broker partnerships. We distribute thousands of articles daily in multiple languages.

We specialize in producing actionable content for every stage of the customer journey, automated content translation and delivery into trading platforms, CRM's, content management systems, bulk email software as well as various social media and messaging platforms. 

We pride ourselves on our core commitment to service excellence and ongoing market leadership through developing innovative new products.

Regulation: Our content and services have been used by brokers in the following countries, and are compliant to regulatory rules specified by the following regulatory authorities:

Australia - ASIC
Belize - IFSC
British Virgin Islands - FSC
Canada - CSA
Cyprus - CYSEC

Europe - ESMA
Indonesia - OJK
Malta - MFSA
Russia - CBR
St Vincent & Grendine - FSA

South Africa - FSB
Turkey - CMB
United Kingdom  - FCA
United States of America - NFA, SEC, CFTC

Privacy Laws
We adhere to the most stringent privacy laws including GDPR (European Union) as well as CCPA (California, USA).